I had no idea...

that RWA or Romance Writers of America was the umbrella over something now called "popular fiction."

I thought it was bodice rippers and nothing else and was warned 18 years ago to stay away from EVER being labelled a writer of "romance."  I was fascinated to find out that RWA involves itself with everything from vampires and the paranormal to pornography!  A sold-out five day conference in New York City had Harlan Corbin as a speaker and he's a fellow member of Mystery Writers of America.  I am very surprised....Count me in for next year's conference.



Highly possible that with the capture of Whitey Bulger it will loosen somebody's grip on the paintings snatched so long ago from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum....I am thinking that the next year is going to be fabulously exciting.  Fingers crossed.  I hate those marks on the walls where they used to be....


Whitey on the lam...

WOW.  The Feebs got Whitey.  The photos of the handsome young psychopath are stunning. Kevin Weeks, his old aide de camp, will probably testify against him. Brave, even now after all these years, to do that.  Whitey himself was always bigger than life. On the lam, in exile from his kingdom--I keep wondering what it was like, what he was doing all that time.  Knitting? Gin rummy?  Santa Monica-- on the lip of the Pacific--a world away from the mean streets of south Boston. Whitey and Carol--were they just laying low until they were caught or until they died?  Was it a passive acceptance of whichever came first......?





a definite thrill

I know there are writers who suffer over every word. I used to have lunch in New York with a man who rented a room with a table and a chair, closed the door and felt pleased to write one sentence a day.  And he was never sure the next day if he liked that ONE sentence enough to keep it. 

Last night I spoke to another sort of writer about the thrill of writing, the passion, the exhilaration. The connection with him on this subject made me feel so LUCKY to approach all those words the way I do: with joy.


am I right?

Is Saudi Arabia the only country in the world that has a law forbidding women from driving a car?