Mayor Bloomberg's mother

The mayor's mother died at age 102.  They talked every single day.  I know, some of us know, how much he will miss her.


happiness NOW!

"You should strive to find happiness every day and not believe that it comes at the end of the journey."--- Bill Clinton, former president, addressing New York University.


identical twins die on the same day

Why should I be amazed that identical twins should die within hours of each other? After having lived nearly all their 92 years within a few yards of one another?  But I am.  Two brothers in Buffalo, New York,  were considering a religious life.  They received a letter to join the Franciscans in the morning and their draft notices that afternoon and made their choice. It was the eve of World War II.

They took new names: Jerome and Irving became Brothers Julian and Adrian. They embraced a new life. But two weeks ago, Brother Julian died in the morning and Brother Adrian died in the evening "when told of his brother's death."  Are the spirits so inseparable that this was inevitable?


Bad day for Bono and Spidey

Imagine how awful:  you commit yourself to an outrageously complicated Broadway production for a few years and several millions of dollars and finally finally finally after 183 previews, opening night arrives. Today is the morning after and  Ben Brantley, theatre critic for the New York Times, pronounces your baby, your art, your masterpiece,  "a bore."


love is a need

Listened to David Brooks talk about THE SOCIAL ANIMAL, his new book, on Charlie Rose last night.

He spoke of love, will, reason, intellect and the mind.  I ate his remarks like chocolate. So much we don't know about our minds, our instincts, our selves.  He said that love was a need. "We want such a connection that we dissolve."  He spoke not only meaning a connection with a person but with a craft.  Echoing what I have so often felt, he said: "In moments of writing sometimes you forget who you are."