not always true....

I just read that "women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody."



My heart aches, simply aches for the wife of Weiner.

There are few things more terrible than to realize, after less than a year of marriage, that you've pledged yourself to a  man who proves himself disloyal, who has another life and has behaved disgracefully.  I just hate it when that happens.



I don't MIND men behaving badly (from a distance) as it gives us writers so much material.  I do wonder why men with so much to lose engage in such risky games....


madonna versus whore

When I lived in Italy, I was told that  Italian men all wanted to be married to a madonna but hungered to play with whores on the side. Of course, not all mistresses are 'whores' and not all wives are saintly but this was the simple explanation  to me, the naive American, over wine at lunch.

Anthony Weiner really married 'up.' Elegant, intelligent, dignified Huma Abedin about to have his child and he is "playiing" on the internet with a porn star and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.  I rest my case. I learned a lot drinking wine at lunch in Rome.




Harry Bernstein, 101, died in Brooklyn last Friday. His memoir, INVISIBLE WALL, was published when he was 96 years old. It had sat in the unsolicited manuscript pile of Random House in London for over a year before someone read it and passed it on; it was pronouned 'unputdownable' and published to great acclaim.

Harry Bernstein always wanted to be a writer and wrote all his life. In 2002, after his wife died, he said, "I was too much alone. My friends were mostly gone. And so I found myself thinking about my past, and the people I knew and the place I grew up. I was looking for a home." 

He found that 'home' by writing about his dismal childhood of poverty growing up as a Jew in a northern English mill town. His brutal alcoholic father tyrannized his mother, little Harry and his six siblings. Mr. Bernstein wrote: "I learned hatred from my father but I learned love from my mother."

I think we have much to learn from Harry Bernstein. NEVER STOP WRITING.