I have not been absolutely DELIGHTED by a movie in such a long time.  See it!  See it!  Revel in the 'cameos' of Hemingway, Stein, Picasso, Zelda and Scott.  Fall in love with time travel in a beautiful old Peugeot.  And, of course, be seduced by Paris.


jury duty

Off--flying out the door for jury duty.  Our duty as citizens of our country.  I am to perhaps be chosen to be one/twelfth of "a jury of (our) peers. "

I LOVE jury duty. I love courtrooms. It's a story, it's amazing characters, it's drama, it's theatre.  Whenever I am in London I plot to have at least one morning at the Old Bailey. That summer of 1994, when I worked as a private detective in Mississippi, Mother and I used to slip into the back row of any courtroom in any courthouse we came across. We were criss-crossing the state on errands, getting papers signed, doing interviews. These were the little towns with the statue of the Confederate general in the main square.  Mississippi or London,  a London police inspector once told me it all boils down to one of three things: love, lust or lucre.   And yes, it does.  But oh! the exciting variations on the theme!




Is anyone buying the 'reason'  for priestly bad behavior with small boys as somehow being related to not 'understanding' the sexual revolution of the Sixties?   The priests "weren't prepared" for it.  None of us were.  That's why they call it a revolution.  Is anybody swallowing the latest Vatican-speak?



A cognitive neuroscientist reports the unsurprising news that speaking more than one language sharpens the mind. She also discovered that "the regular use of two languages appear to delay the onset of Altzheimer's disease symptoms."  By five or six years !

NYT article quotes Dr. Ellen Bialystok: "There's a system in your brain, the executive control system. It's a general manager. Its job is to keep you focused on what is relevant, while ignoring distractions. It's what makes it possible for you to hold two different things in your mind at one time and switch between them. ....every time you speak, both languages pop up and the executive control system has to sort ....and attend to what's relevant at the moment."  She explained that it doesn't mean that bilinguals don't develop Altzheimer's but it meant "that as the disease took root in their brains, they were able to continue functioning at a higher level." FASCINATING.



Sarah Palin and her Alaskan family just "on vacation?"  Sure thing...in a bus with her name on the side...