DANCING WITH THIEVES is a fast-paced caper set in the spring of 1988 as the era of Noriega is ending and the banks of Panama are closing.  It is a novel that provides a romp through climes as disparate as the Nevada desert, Italy, Switzerland, New York and Beverly Hills.

The story spins around money—who has it, who doesn’t, who wants it and who doesn’t care about it at all.  Getting more of it, a great deal more of it, involves strategy, risk, sleepless nights, indigestion and possibly—murder.

The Barracuda Brothers, sadistic drug lords in leisure suits, have too much money. Vulgar, cruel, cunning, they run an international drug empire worth billions.

Thackeray Albert Chance, known as Take-A-Chance, is a skinny, bespectacled  CPA, who,  by accident, becomes the accountant for the powerful twin drug lords and then their right hand man. 

As the banks close in Panama, the escalating demands of the Brothers heighten the possibility of Chance’s plans going horribly wrong.  He is expendable and he is well aware that Hardware, his bodyguard, could also be his executioner.

Slow is the younger brother of Les and Wes. Familiar with their sadism, he tries to stay out of their way. He has his  dreams.

Our heroine, Theodora Starbuck, is a bold and strikingly beautiful twenty-year old from Alabama. Her world view and who she is has been colored by her legendary late father and her two maiden aunts whose only source of news is the National Enquirer.   Accepting a modeling job in Rome leads Teddy to a new life.

Vittorio Venturini has a title that can be traced back a thousand years. Principe Vittorio is so handsome, with olive skin and pale blue eyes, that women stop breathing when he enters a room; his secret is that he has no money. He is floating through life on what the Italians call “la bella figura.”   

The Barracuda Brothers depend more and more on Take-A-Chance to move their millions from country to country, from bank to bank.  Sometimes in Gucci suitcases. A midget from Oklahoma, a Roman prince and a beautiful Alabama tomboy all become entangled in the dirty business of money-laundering.  There comes one star-crossed moment as the nets close across the time zones from casino to palazzo, from Las Vegas to Lake Geneva, when each character must risk everything.


Author: Clarissa McNair
ISBN: 9781936712021
List Price: $15.00
Publisher: Fedora Press 
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Published by Fedora Press