Go back a few decades to that era of the Eighties, a time of extravagance and excess.

Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana, John Kennedy, Jr., was a handsome bachelor living in New York City.  Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

Italy still used the lira, France still used the franc, and the USSR had not collapsed so we all talked about the Cold War. Nelson Mandela was in prison and the Berlin Wall divided the two Germanys.

There was no Gulf War, no Operation Desert Storm,  no War on Terror. The towers of the World Trade Center stood majestically, dominating the skyline of Manhattan.

No one was on the Internet, no one was texting and the only cell phones were in cars and weighed several pounds.  

We watched Dallas and Dynasty every week and lived vicariously in the glamorous worlds of big oil money and corporate success. 

Go back in time and lose yourself in the best neighborhoods of Paris, Rome, Geneva and London. Penthouses, summer cottages, country estates, villas, palaces and palazzi. Immerse yourself in the lives of people with inconvenient spouses and dangerous secrets.  Meet a pathologically promiscuous private banker in Geneva, a ruthless Roman count and their wives and mistresses who plot behind the scenes with Machiavellian savvy.  Meet a golden boy tennis pro who dazzled at Wimbledon and married into a publishing fortune.  Meet very bright men who manage empires and meet strong and beautiful women who often manage their men.  Watch the complicated love affairs unfold, be privy to the money laundering and the murder.  No matter the decade, we'll always have money and murder. 

Escape the 21st Century and live in the Eighties for awhile, go back a few pages . . .