A grand novel exposing the lives of established and moneyed society; these are privileged people who can buy anything they want. 

The daughter of an eye surgeon, Nina McLean leaves the Deep South for Briarcliff College in New York. There she meets Adele Forrest Wickham, the polished product of dancing class, prep school, and Park Avenue. Best friends, the two of them become women then wives: Adele marries a Wall Street investment banker and Nina marries a Roman count. As the Contessa de Leone, Nina enters the complex world of her aristocratic Italian in-laws and deals with a pathologically promiscuous husband. Adele marries a man she never loved. 

The obvious is deceptive. Nina's adored brother has a secret he would rather die than reveal and Nina's Lebanese lover leads another life far away from cocktail parties on Fifth Avenue. The fey English countess has a past she wants buried; Adele's elegant mother plays dangerous games on Friday afternoons. 

The story sweeps from Mississippi to Manhattan, from Watch Hill to Newport, from Beirut to Rome, from Capri to Tuscany. Each character is surrounded by wealth and duplicitythey inhabit a GARDEN OF TIGERS.


Author: Clarissa McNair
ISBN: 9781936712014
List Price: $18.25
Publisher: Fedora Press 
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Published by Fedora Press


First published by Century Hutchinson (Random Century) in London in 1988, it was then published by New American Library in New York in 1989. The American edition was clumsily cut and badly edited and renamed Red Roses, White Lies