This is the tale you’ve been waiting for….inspired by true events. Let the women who charge $5,000 an hour for the pleasure of their company tell you their stories.  Meet the glamourous wife of the wealthy  Beacon Hill publisher and watch her put her happy, well-ordered life in jeopardy.  Meet the former model who will focus on one client every month, in a suite at Claridge’s, to give her what she wants.  Meet Annie, the feisty real estate agent in Coral Gables, who refuses to be a casualty of Miami’s downturn. Meet Cate who works at the prestigious auction house, Christeby’s, but can’t live on her salary.   Meet the long-suffering wife of a Manhattan billionaire and join her and her gay hairdresser in a most delicious deception. 


Cate and Annie talk over lunch—after the arrests, after what the young madam always called “the incident.”

“Don’t you miss the money?”

“I miss the money but not the risk.”

“Hey, it was 18 carat, diamond-studded risk.”

Cate shook her head. “I see it as shiny and platinum. Even though I was smiling, it was metallic and cold-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach platinum. Every single time I waited for a stranger to open the door.”


Rich strangers opened doors in Paris, London, New York, Miami, Boston and Beverly Hills. Dazzling young women crossed the threshold, elegant and sophisticated, and knew what was required. There were the occasional surprises—sometimes not pleasant ones---but there was always the money.   Everyone had secrets-- the clients, the girls, the madam, the pimp and Governor Cantor—and everyone kissed the risk.

KISS THE RISK is the story of the Imperial Club V.I.P. as you’ve never heard it before. A lot of sex, boatloads of money, and a whiff of danger as seductive as perfume.

Enter a world of duplicity, greed and indulgence.  It’s a life of champagne and caviar, thousand-dollar shoes, private jets and five-star hotels. Have a glass of Cristal and meet the daredevils who KISSed THE RISK….you’ll never forget them!


Author: Cici McNair
ISBN: 9780966108729
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Fedora Press 
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Published by Fedora Press


KISS THE RISK and yes, they do!