Write a memoir in a few weeks, a few days or even a few hours.

It is very easy to TALK your life story and create a polished memoir by answering the questions posed by a professional interviewer. This is YOUR story. We can cover any years, any experiences, emphasize anything you wish. Just ask.

Do it for your children, your grandchildren or for yourself. Create something of value.

Maybe you want to write about your childhood, your professional life, your marriage, your travel experiences, a person who influenced you or a pivotal event. I map out a personal interview and you answer the questions in as much detail and in as many hours as you wish.

You may record our sessions and transcribe or I can do it for you. Talk to me from home. Skype is easy.

The fees are reasonable, the number of hours is flexible.
For details, contact me at writeamemoir@gmail.com so that we can discuss exactly what you want.

Clarissa (Cici) McNair has written memoirs for clients in Paris, New York, Houston, Miami, all over. A former journalist with CBC-TV in Toronto and Vatican Radio in Rome, she has also written novels, her own memoir titled DETECTIVES DON’T WEAR SEAT BELTS, and true crime. Her books have been published in the United Kingdom, in the United States and in Spain, by Century Hutchinson, Grenada, St. Martin’s Press, New American Library, Fedora Press, Hachette, and Martinez-Roca.
McNair has been a guest speaker at the annual Marymount-Manhattan Writers Conference, the Hunter College Writers Conference, and the International Women’s Writing Guild, all in New York City. She has given talks all over the United States, in Canada, France and Switzerland, and has been a featured guest on more than fifty radio programs.  She is a foreign correspendent for World Radio Paris. Her show is called Basic Black, vignettes of crime, scandal and death.  

FEDORA PRESS, our subsidiary, can publish your memoir in hard cover or paperback, as many or as few copies as you wish. Your book can be available for sale on Amazon or just for your family and friends.

Special price for memoir-writers. www.fedorapress.com.