Midsummer. Manhattan. The Upper East Side is the setting but the cases attracted international attention. The women live in penthouses, multi-million dollar mansions. Or they want to. Sante Kimes is ruthless, driven by greed and an unquenchable thirst for excitement. During two murder trials, her private detective comes to know her as well as anyone ever will. Vogue cover girl Melanie Cain unwittingly becomes a dark force when she leaves her wealthy playboy lover. Both women tell their stories for the first time to someone they trust: Cici McNair. All three women talk about seduction, manipulation, betrayal, and murder.


Author: Cici McNair, P.I.
ISBN: 978-1-4507-4274-0
List Price (print): $15.00
List Price (eBook): $4.00
Publisher: Fedora Press 

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“Real life drama told with a master storyteller’s touch. If you like Dominick Dunne then you will love NEVER FLIRT WITH A FEMME FATALE.” 

—Donna Huston Murray, author of 

The Ginger Barnes Main Line mysteries


Cici McNair has lived the life most of us think is interesting and action packed but don't really want. She has written about these adventures in DETECTIVES DON’T WEAR SEAT BELTS. In this new book she explores the most dangerous of all among us: the Femme Fatale.

Ms. McNair weaves their real life stories onto the pages of her latest book with the grit and well versed prose of a seasoned professional. 

Cici McNair had a lot of work to do in order to top DETECTIVES DON’T WEAR SEAT BELTS  and I truly believe she has. My hope is the Cici is able to write many more books of this kind exploring the human psyche. The real world is much scarier than anything Hollywood can dream up.


—Mary J. Gramlich "The Reading Reviewer" (St. Louis, MO) 


It may seem a misnomer to say a book that deals with murder is delicious, but Cici McNair has done just that. Never Flirt with a Femme Fatale is delicious. It is highly readable, a page turner. She takes two very different women, polar opposites, and shows how each in her own way either manipulated or cast a spell over the heretofore most savvy and unsuspecting and led them into consequences from which they never returned. Both women carried more than a touch of beauty, sexpots in some eyes. One, SanteKimes, a mother of two, widow of a high rolling millionaire, also carried a touch of evil whose malevolence and its scope takes your breath away and which puts her outside most of humanity. But you would never know it to look at her. McNair lets us look at her in all her deviousness. The other, Melanie Cain, had a deadly effect, a humdinger, on one man. She was an innocent and a virgin when she met, and cast a spell on, a wealthy man-about-town named Buddy Jacobson who thought he knew everything . . . until it was too late. Both women could seem as non-threatening as a church lady at a pot luck supper. That is, until you got caught in their web of enticement. McNair shows how they did it and who they are.

What makes this book work so well is that the author is part of the drama. Besides being a fine and skilled writer, she is a Private Investigator who first met SanteKimes when she took on duties for Kimes' defense. She spent hours with Kimes who was then behind bars. McNair had been around the block a few times but she got taken in by Kimes' charming effusive self. She got to know the erstwhile virgin Cain when she took on a magazine assignment to do a profile of her. The two cases happened around the turn of this century. I remember well the headlines back then.

McNair is an excellent memoirist. She has an eye for detail that puts you in a scene and lets you intimately meet those she's writing about. Reading this book one feels the heat of a New York summer. One picks up on nervy life of a female private investigator. She takes you into the jail where one must pass notes through a small hole to the prisoner behind a heavy shield. McNair knows how to tell a story. This one about two femme fatales is riveting. 

—John W. Bowers
Columbia University Adjunct Professor. 
His latest novel is LOVE IN TENNESSEE

Praise for Cici McNair’s previous book DETECTIVES DON’T WEAR SEAT BELTS: “A wonderful, wonderful read, an amazing true story told in the voice of a born story-teller. Cici McNair is funny, she’s honest, and she’s completely fascinating.”

—Perri Klass, author of The Mercy Rule 


“Cici McNair is the most glammapuss lady detective since Nora

Charles . . .”


—Phoebe Eaton, novelist and screenwriter


“This improper Southern belle’s memoir as a private detective combines the immediate impact of a newspaper column with the ironic detachment of a fine novel. McNair’s crafted vignettes . . . are like chocolate truffles: dark, bittersweet, and addictive.”


—Bruce Schimmel, founder and columnist, 

Philadelphia City Paper